One of the things we love most about Birch Forest Lodge is the sunsets. And if you have ever been here I’m sure you would agree. Not only do we enjoy really clean air and are on a lake to capture the reflection of the setting sun, but our beach area faces west, so we have unobstructed views of the setting sun. Some nights there are few clouds and we get to watch the sun slowly lower and become an orange ball whose reflection makes a yellow line on the water. Other nights there are light fluffy clouds which change color becoming orange, pink and purple. No matter which version we get, I doubt I will ever tire of watching the sun set over Pelican Lake. And, along with watching these beautiful sunsets, we also really like to take pictures of them! We want to share with you some of our favorite sunset photos. Some of these we took, and others are pictures taken by guests here. We hope you enjoy a good sunset as much as we do…

Birch Forest Lodge Sunset

If you haven’t been to Birch Forest Lodge, this is our basic sunset on the beach. Pretty spectacular right? You don’t have to be right on the beach to enjoy a sunset here though. Check out these next two taken at the main dock by a guest of ours, Michelle Carboni. These are copies of pictures she shared in an online review you can see here.

Second Carboni Sunset

Dock Sunset Carboni

I took this one while driving by the playground and really liked the shadows and silhouettes.


This next one is one of my favorites. This was taken from the main dock area as well.

Sunset colors with point

Here is one of our kids watching the sunset.

Kids Sunset

And here is a final picture showing what a sunset looks like from the back of the main lodge. This is the kind of view you can enjoy from the deck.


Lodge Sunset