There’s no shortage of options for celebrating the Fourth of July. There are fireworks, baseball games, parades, car shows, boating, beach games, large picnics with friends and family. But there’s another way to celebrate the Fourth of July that allows your to do most of the things on that list in a unique and memorable way, by staying at a lakeside cabin in Northern Minnesota.

Whether you’re a cabin veteran or if you’re looking forward to your first cabin rental, staying in a cabin offers unique lodging experience that is the perfect vacation destination over the Fourth of July.

Here are 4 reasons why you’ll love celebrating the Fourth of July in a Minnesota Cabin.

1. Escape Home for the Holiday

For most workers, The Fourth of July presents a tremendous opportunity to put together a trip using the additional day off. Instead of staying local and checking out your town’s firework display this year, put the time off of work to good use and escape your typical surroundings for a few days.

There are few better ways to recharge your mind and body than getting away from work and your day-to-day responsibilities to enjoy some time away. Compared to the constant hum of city life, you’ll sleep like a baby in a comfortable, and peacefully quiet, cabin.

2. Enjoy Lake Cabin Activities

There are plenty of activities to keep your family and/or friends entertained over the holiday. You can spend some time fishing on the lake, snap some pictures while on a hike, partake in some friendly competition in a game of horseshoes or ping pong, or grab a lawn chair and simple soak up some sun while reading a page-turning book.

At Birch Forest Lodge, there is no shortage of lakeside activities for our visitors to enjoy.

3. Explore the Nature of the North

July 4th is all about celebrating the freedoms we have here in America. By spending your Independence Day in a Minnesota cabin, you can get out and explore the vast and beautiful nature of the American North. If you haven’t spent time in Northern Minnesota, you’re missing out.

Northern Minnesota is home to thousands of lakes, luscious forests, unique wildlife, and clear and open skies to gaze up and appreciate the stars above. Without the busy light of the city, the you can get a vivid picture of the universe and experience some top-notch stargazing. One of the more rewarding reasons for you to celebrate the Fourth in a Minnesota cabin this summer is all the beautiful nature you’ll enjoy during your stay.

4. Who Needs Fireworks When You Can See Northern Lights

Sure, there are few things more closely associated with the Fourth of July than fireworks. But you can always catch an awesome fireworks display on the 4th. But, nature occasionally puts on her own firework display that is much more difficult to see. And Northern Minnesota is one of the few places where you can witness it.

If you’ve never got a glance of the northern lights, it’s time to remedy that. Northern lights, also called an aurora, is a natural light display predominantly seen in high-latitude regions that are near the poles. These jaw-dropping spectacles occur when solar winds disturb the natural paths of charged particles, which makes them ionize and emit bright light across the sky.

In Northern Minnesota, our aurora’s typically resemble a neon-green like color. Birch Forest Lodge is an excellent place to see the northern lights. Check out some of the pictures of the northern lights we’ve snapped at our resort over the years.

Stay at Birch Forest Lodge this Summer

By staying in a Minnesota Cabin over the Fourth of July, you’ll be treating yourself to a unique experience that you’ll remember for years to come. When you’re selecting lodging for your idyllic  trip to Northern Minnesota, keep Birch Forest Lodge in mind.

With 11 cabins that vary in size and features, Birch Forest Lodge has something for any type of visitor. Whether you’re looking to bring a large group and are interested in staying in our voyageur cabin that sleeps 10, or if you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two, Birch Forest Lodge is the perfect place to visit.

Located right off the water on Pelican Lake near Orr, Minnesota, we look forward to hosting your summer escape this summer. Contact us today to learn more about our unique resort, as well as the availability of our cabins.