The Lodge

Luxury Resort? – No

Is Birch Forest a luxury resort, complete with a 24 hour poolside bar? No. Does the resort have an onsite full service restaurant? No. Do we offer all the latest TV channels including the NFL network? No. What about free babysitting, 1000 thread count linens, yoga classes and free margaritas for happy hour? Nope. So why would you want to stay here? Great question.

What makes Birch Forest Lodge Special?

Birch Forest Lodge is a small family run resort with very comfortable cabins set on a beautiful lake. We enjoy great fishing, fantastic sunsets, and a friendly atmosphere. Oh yeah, and our beach is the best on the lake, maybe even all of Northern Minnesota. Seriously. We have two bays, one that is shallow and protected with natural sand, great for those wanting to play in the water and the other bay has the marina. Why is that important? Because we never have motor boats in the swimming beach area. And boaters never have to worry about swimmers around the docks.

The Resort

The cabins are comfortable, well maintained, clean, have full Kitchens and bathrooms including showers. Our cabins don’t have TV or internet, and while some are small, others are quite large. We have a variety of onsite activities for people of all ages to enjoy and are proud to have the best lakeside beach in all of Northern Minnesota. Here you can kayak, play volleyball, build sandcastles, or soak up some sun. No other resort in the area offers a beach like ours.

Remote, yet accessible

Are we located so far away that electricity isn’t available? No. We have electricity and hot water in all the cabins. Depending on your carrier, your cell phone should still work here. Need to check email, no problem, we have wifi in the main lodge. Forgot something, no problem, if we don’t have it in the lodge store, the nearest grocery store is less than 10 miles away. Need to catch a ball game, we have satellite TV in the lodge for those times when you need it.

Birch Forest Lodge was originally founded in the 1930s. Since then people have enjoyed coming here to play on the beach, relax with family and of course to fish. More than 80 years later, the story is still the same. Birch Forest Lodge is a small family run resort that takes great pride in helping people have great vacations here in Northern Minnesota. Whether you are a couple enjoying a weekend fall getaway, a family looking to relax for a week in the summer or a group coming to be on the water and catch fish, we would be very pleased to host you!