Buying a lodge is a unique, challenging process. Before you actually buy anything you spend days, weeks and sometimes even years dreaming of what this lodge will look like. You scour the internet looking for something that matches your interests, visit dozens of locales, call numerous real estate agents and pour over financial documents. It is a stressful period where you are buoyed up by your hopes of finding the perfect opportunity soon. As perfect as Birch Forest Lodge is, we started working on a new website within days of closing on the purchase of the lodge. It is our first major project to somewhat complete. We hope you enjoy the site and are able to find the info you are looking for.

Our first goal of this new site is to offer you more info on the resort, the area and the lake. We purchased a wide angle lens and took pictures of all the cabin interiors so that you know what every cabin (and bathroom) looks like. We’ve added a photo gallery for you to peruse. We are putting together some videos showcasing the property and area for you to enjoy. We’ll regularly posting a blog covering something special about the lodge or area, discussing something we learned, offering you the first glimpse of something new, or just sharing something about ourselves that pertains to Minnesota, life on Pelican Lake, fishing or something related to the lodge. We’ve added a newsletter that we hope you sign up for. How often will we write a newsletter? We hope to send one out at least every other month. Directly from the site you can access the lodge’s facebook page and youtube channel. Simply put, we hope we give you enough information on this site, that you can find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about all things related to Birch Forest Lodge.

Our second goal of this new website is to allow everyone and anyone to check the availability of any rental unit. Rather than having to call us (we welcome your calls) you can just check the availability of any cabin or boat at your own computer, phone or tablet! And, you’ll be able to book directly through the website. We hope you enjoy these features. Remember if you’d prefer to call us and book, you are always welcome to give us a call at 218-757-3479.

Is the website perfect? No. In fact all aspects aren’t fully functional at this time. The online booking engine and availability won’t be released for another week or two. But we hope you not only enjoy what is here, we hope you are able to find what it is you are looking for.