Northern Minnesota Fishing Guides

Pelican Lake is massive, offering fishermen and families over 11,000 acres to explore with a ton of potential for prime fishing areas. Birch Forest Lodge is nestled perfectly on the center of the lake’s south rim, just west of Elliott Point. 

From our location, there are a ton of possibilities for creating that memorable fishing experience. And while fishing on Pelican Lake is fantastic and many people like the challenge of finding spots on their own, some prefer to come up and spend a day or two on the water with a guide showing them all the sweet spots.

We have a few fishing guides that we recommend, find out more about them below.

Local fishing guide with large bass caught on Pelican Lake

Dale Luginbill

Dale is an avid fisherman who specializes in bass fishing. Dale is easy to get along with and works hard to make sure you catch fish and have a great time. He knows how to fish fallen timber, weeds, rock piles and surface lures. I’ve personally fished with Dale and can highly recommend him. His rate is $400 a day for 1-2 people in his boat. You can read about my experience fishing with Dale here-

Butch Furtman

Butch moved up to Pelican Lake about 7 years ago because he found himself traveling up here regularly to fish. He has been accepted into the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame and also hosts his own tv show on fishing. Butch uses his own boat and can take 2-3 people in the boat with him. He charges $400 a day for guiding. I had an opportunity to go out fishing with Butch last September and we enjoyed catching several 5 pound bass and Smallies. In our blog you can read about our day on the water.

Minnesota Walleye Fishing Guides

Our guides are experienced in getting folks hooked up with a variety of species, including  Walleyes. There are plenty of other sport and edible fish species that our guides are experts in finding including:

  • Bass
  • Bluegill
  • Perch 
  • Crappie
  • Pike

Bass are usually catchable throughout the summer. Though, they slow down a bit in August. While we do have walleye on the lake, they’re not super common. But you may get lucky and nab a 20-incher, we’ve seen it done!

The lake also has an abundance of panfish – bluegill and crappie, mostly. Bluegill fishing is great all summer and you can usually pull some in right off the dock.

Check out our fishing page for a full guide on Pelican Lake fish.

You can also contact us directly to set up a day on the lake with a Minnesota fishing guide.

A Minnesota Fishing Resort for Families of All Sizes

Birch Forest Lodge is a family-owned cabin resort in Orr, MN. We offer a variety of lodging options at our spot here on Pelican Lake, including several 2- and 3-bedroom cabins as well as larger cabins that sleep 10-14 guests. From guided fishing trips and the best beaches to the lowdown on local dining, we’ve got you covered.

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