About Orr MN

Orr is a small city in Saint Louis County, MN. First established as a village back in 1935, the city now stands as a boundless source of outdoor adventures—including fishing, camping and hiking. Orr’s beauty is a well-kept secret, and those fortunate enough to see it tend to come back for more!

Best Things to Do in Orr Minnesota

Quiet walk through a Minnesota bog

Orr Bogwalk

The Orr Bogwalk is one of the region’s best known interpretive trails. This short half-mile stroll on a well-maintained boardwalk takes adventurers into the heart of the living bog. The Orr Bogwalk gives nature lovers of all ages and abilities access to many environments, ranging from ash swamps to cattail marshes—complete with beautiful wildlife across the wetland. From eagles and osprey to otters and pelicans, you’ll find no shortage of vibrant life and experience on this half-mile journey.

Vermillion Falls-Waterfall on Vermillion River

 Vermilion Falls

Vermilion Falls is a cascading torrent of water passing through a ten-foot wide chasm of granite. Located about 27 miles northeast of Orr, MN, this section of the Vermilion River is an ideal travel destination for those who appreciate natural beauty. The original Vermilion Falls trail makes for an excellent hiking trip—despite its steepness in some places.

This family-friendly trail offers striking views of the rapids, as well as three picnic sites that overlook the river. Best of all, visitors can bring a camp stove or portable grill for cookouts in the picnic areas! From burgers and birdwatching to full-fledged hiking trips, Vermilion Falls accommodates all kinds of interests.

Bear cub at Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary

Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary

The Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife refuge located in St. Louis Country, MN—about six miles from our resort on Pelican Lake. It was established by Vince Shute, who owned and operated a logging company here in Orr, Minnesota in the early 1900s. During those years, Shute killed dozens of bears drawn to his camp by the smell of food. Over time, Shute realized that the intruding bears were simply hungry—and began feeding black bears that approached his lumber camp. Word soon spread, and people came from far and wide to watch and study the gentle animals.

Near the end of Shute’s life in 1995, he donated a large portion of money to fund the American Bear Association, a non-profit organization that manages the sanctuary. In honor of his memory and legacy, visitors can still visit Vince Shute’s home to see wild black bears be fed at the preserve. The Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect opportunity to gain a better understanding of black bear through observation, education and interaction.

Kabetogama Peninsula

The Kabetogama Peninsula is a 75,000-acre stretch of wilderness inside of Voyageurs National Park. This rugged expanse of nature hosts many forms of wildlife, including deer, birds and beavers—creating many opportunities for photos and special moments. Amidst the bogs, swamps and trails, you’ll find no shortage of fun and natural, secluded beauty—especially if you explore the peninsula with company.

You can also journey to Kabetogama Peninsula by water, which brings its own flavor of beauty and experience. There are unique islands near the peninsula waiting to be discovered—along with a variety of choice fishing spots! Whether you’re set on experiencing the peninsula by land or water, you’re sure to enjoy an unforgettable adventure.

Bois Forte Native Arts & Crafts

Bois Forte Native Arts & Crafts is the perfect destination for custom-made baskets, dreamcatchers, earrings and other souvenirs. You’ll find a range of mugs, t-shirts, greeting cards and more at this tasteful shop—which are perfect ways to commemorate your visit to Orr, MN. You can also browse their selection of wild rice, beading supplies, denims and many other unique supplies.

There’s also a section of Bois Forte committed to its wide variety of art for sale. Here you’ll find paintings, sculptures and other expressions inspired by the natural beauty in Orr. Last but not least, the shop offers a range of essential oils that carry the fragrance and essence of Orr’s local flora. Whether you’re after a specific souvenir or just want to browse through a range of artistic works, you’ll want to give Bois Forte a look!

Best Restaurants in Orr MN

Orr, MN offers a huge variety of local restaurants for visitors, with excellent cooks and unique foods to boot! Whether your party’s after hearty breakfasts, quick lunches between activities, or huge dinners to close out the evening, you’ll find plenty to love among Orr’s restaurants. Here are just a few of our local favorites:

Northland Lodge offers homestyle meals cooked with care by the talented Lulu Fry, its owner and operator. Here you’ll find delicious ribs, walleye, chicken, pork chops and more—along with a wide assortment of side dishes. Just be sure to book your visit early; reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance.

T. Pattenn Cafe is a great choice for travelers seeking dinner, breakfast or lunch—but they’re best known for their delicious desserts. Pattenn’s cooks specialize in doughnuts, but they also offer caramel rolls, apple fritters, and many other delectable dishes.

The Dam Supper Club is a small-town restaurant with big-town flavor. “The Dam” specializes in tasty pasta, steak, and pork dishes—along with sandwiches and burgers. This restaurant also includes a full bar if you’d like to spice up your night!

Pelican Lake Orr MN

Pelican Lake offers offer 11,000 acres and 54 miles of shoreline to explore! This makes the lake one of the best places for Orr Minnesota fishing. Whether you’re angling for bass, pike, or walleye, there’s plenty of great fishing to be had on Pelican Lake for everyone. Cruise along the quiet shorelines for the first bite of the day—or venture out into the rocky reefs, which are choice fishing spots. And be sure to check out our Fishing Report for more specific info on the current fishing conditions on Pelican Lake.

Fishing isn’t the only thing to enjoy out on the waters of the lake. Pelican Lake also hosts over 50 islands for you and your party to discover! Glide across the lake on your own boat—or rent a watercraft from the cabin you’re staying at—and see all the wildlife and natural beauty Pelican Lake has to offer. Fishing boats are the perfect way to traverse the waters quickly, while pontoon boats are excellent for casual cruising with larger parties.

For a slower experience, consider taking canoes, kayaks, or paddle boats out on the water—especially if you’re thinking of visiting an island or two. Find a big island scientific natural area to scout for wildlife, or simply enjoy a quiet island-side picnic. There’s no end to the possibilities when you have good company and water to trek.

Orr MN Resorts

Looking for a peaceful fishing resort to enjoy a weekend with friends—or a lively, family-friendly resort for cook-offs and connecting with loved ones? You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in Orr, MN. There’s a wide range of quality resorts across the city (including ours!), so you should have no trouble finding a place to stay near the attractions you’re after.

Versatility is the name of the game with Orr resorts, especially if you’re planning out an extended vacation. You’ll want a location that’s close enough to the hiking, fishing, or sightseeing locations you’re after—and entertaining enough to suit your party when you choose to stay in for the day. We’re talking about onsite berrypicking, peaceful fields for stargazing sessions, community game rooms for late-night rounds of pool, and a healthy assortment of board games to wait out those rainy days.

Concerned about access to electricity, hot water, or signal? No need! Our resort offers all of these utilities and more—along with wifi and satellite TV in the main lodge for any pressing entertainment needs. We’re also less than ten miles from the nearest grocery store, so you won’t have to worry about running out of marshmallows or bug spray

Explore Orr Minnesota at Birch Forest Lodge

Convinced that Orr is the right choice for your next vacation? Perfect! Now it’s time to decide on one of the many Orr MN resorts you can stay at. Birch Forest Lodge is a small, family-run resort with cozy cabins set on the gorgeous Pelican Lake. We’re all about relaxation, great fishing, and friendly atmosphere—which tends to suit most people well! Oh, and did we mention that we have two bays? The first is shallow and protected with natural sand, making it ideal for parties who want to enjoy swimming or relaxing under the sun. The second bay has the marina and is specifically for motor boats to create the safest and easiest experience for everyone.

Make no mistake; Birch Forest Lodge is not a luxury resort. We don’t have 24-7 room service, yoga rooms, or huge groups of people visiting each year. The experience we offer is simple. Our cabins are comfortable and clean—and include full kitchens, bathrooms and showers. We’ve sacrificed TV and internet in every cabin for board games, campfires, cookouts and water activities. From games of volleyball to building the biggest sandcastle possible, there’s plenty of activities to enjoy at the Birch Forest Lodge beach.

Since the 1930s, people have been coming to Birch Forest Lodge to fish, relax with family and friends, and connect with nature on a deeper level. That’s over 80 years of awesome vacations for groups of every size and activity level! In other words, if you’re looking for a beautiful, time-tested vacation right here in Northern Minnesota, then we’re the resort for you. Our family takes great pride in making your vacation here the best it can possibly be—no matter how long or short your stay.

If you’re ready to book the ultimate vacation experience in Orr, Minnesota, then be sure to reserve your cabin online today! We offer special discounts for groups staying for an entire week—if you book a week-long stay you’ll get the 6th and 7th nights for free! Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to hear more about our resort—and what we can offer to make your vacation in Orr, Minnesota truly special. We can’t wait to hear from you.