Ahhh, the joys of spring-the ice recedes from the lakes, trees being to leaf, everything slowly turns green, and little baby animals are seen-and of course fishing season! And what better fishing is there than spring fishing? One can argue that fall fishing is also very good, but it is hard to top spring fishing. What a great fishing season we had this year too! Big Crappies, nice Bluegill, Northern Pike, Monster Walleyes, and big fat Bass. Granted we had some rough weather at times, but that didn’t stop the fishing. Go ahead, and scroll down, take a look at some of the nice fish caught this spring.

Bass-Pretty much everyone that came up here to catch a nice Bass found what they were looking for. Fat Largemouth Bass along the weeds and Smallmouth Bass in the rock piles. Leeches were a popular bait, soft plastics worked well, and of course some preferred a top water lure. But all seemed to catch nice fish. All of the large Bass were safely returned to the lake and will be bigger next year.

We had a great spring fishing season for Walleye. Many people reported catching 23 to 25 inch Walleyes. And one person brought in a 30 inch Walleye to be mounted! Along with these nice fish there were half a dozen that were in the 26 to 27 inch range caught as well. Most of the Walleye were caught by people trolling or using a crawler harness. One person claimed they caught theirs on a white and green spinner bait while fishing for Northern Pike. Most of the Walleye were released, with a few being kept and enjoyed in a fish fry.

Northern Pike-long powerful body with razor sharp gills and hundreds of teeth. Easy to understand why people want to catch an elusive big Northern Pike and proudly take their picture with these ferocious fish. Because of the slot limit here on Pelican Lake we have an abundance of Northern Pike in our water. And they will hit just about anything thrown at them. Several stories were shared around evening campfires about the “one that got away” and others had pictures of Pike they managed to land.

As much as we like to catch big Walleye, Bass that never stop fighting or a big Northern Pike. Many people come here to fish for Crappie, Bluegill and Jumbo Perch. And of course, Pelican Lake met the expectations of our anglers. We saw some Bluegill brought in that were as big a dinner plate and Crappie that were 13 and 14 inches long! Kids also enjoyed the chance to get in a school of pan fish and catch several on wax worms, beetle spins or pieces of a night crawler.