This year seems to be a year of extremes. Winter was very long and very cold. Then we had no Spring. Went from dead of winter including a late April blizzard to 80 degree weather in early May. We rushed around finishing our remodeling projects for the cabins and completed the new cabin-name “The Retreat”. Soon we had the docks in and ready for boats to arrive. Our temps rose up to the low 90s by Memorial day and then have been in the 80s for most of June and July. Then about two weeks ago we started getting a series of storms that would roll in for 30-45 minutes and remind us that Mother Nature is in charge. We had a total of 7 storms in 12 days period with 5 of them knocking out power in the area. Here are some photos..

As you can see we have had to deal with some flooding and high water levels. All of the cabins are fine and dry, but our beach area is somewhat under water right now. Here is a picture of the area in front of cabin 3.

One of the storms last week dumped 6 inches of rain on us in less than 24 hours and the lake levels rose about a foot. Here is a look at the playground area…


Last Thursday we had some issues with serious road damage all over the area and the dirt road you come in on had a bad washout.

There was so much water trying to drain that the culvert couldn’t handle all of it and the water eroded the road. We weren’t able to drive in or out of the resort for part of a day while we waited for the county to fix the road. Fortunately the closure only lasted a couple hours and the road quickly reopened.

Of the 6 inches of rain we received we got 3 of the inches in less than 20 minutes. The rain came so fast and was so heavy it collapsed the bimini top on one of the pontoons.

And of course the power outages…

While we did have a couple storms bring in high winds the bigger problem was the amount of rain we got. The ground is so saturated and soft that trees were falling on power lines all over the region. Lake Country Power did a great job each time got us back on our feet.

All in all we survived the storms relatively well. The following photo is from a neighbor. Look closely and you will see a car buried under the trees. Several cabins and some vehicles were damaged during one of the fiercer storms. We spent several days cutting downed trees and working with neighbors to get things cleaned up.

All in all we survived the storms relatively well. This photo shows several of our neighbors working together to cut up a tree. Once again we were reminded of how fortunate we are to live next to some wonderful people who all quickly come together to help clean things up when weather decides to throw us a curve ball.

The weather forecast for the next couple weeks looks good and there is no damage to any of our cabins. Hopefully things calm down and the water levels drop a bit. Enjoy!