Water temperature is at 67 degrees. Weather has been cool (high in the 60s and lows in the 40s) the last 4 days. Wind has been constant out of the Northwest for the last 4 days. Tonight was the first evening with no wind in 4 days. Weather has really affected fishing (and fisherman). While we haven’t seen as many numbers of fish over the last 4 days, we have seen some nice fish come in.

The Crappie bite has really slowed down. The Crappie that are being caught are no longer schooled together. Crappie are hitting more on leeches than minnows now.

Smallmouth bite is still pretty good if you can find somewhere out of the wind. Live bait such as a leech or worm seems best. Spinners and soft plastics are working well as well.

The Bluegill bite has been good. This week we saw this 1 pound Bluegill brought in.

Only a couple of walleye were brought in this week.

Pike are still out there. The fisherman who braved the colder temperatures and the waves had little trouble finding pike.