Area Attractions

Quiet walk through a Minnesota bog

Orr Bogwalk

The Orr Bogwalk is one of the region’s best known interpretive trails. A short half mile stroll on a well maintained boardwalk takes explorers into the heart of a living bog. Interpretive signs along the path offer insight to the ecosystem contained therein. It is located directly behind the Orr Visitors Center, on Highway 53, in Orr, MN.

Vermillion Falls-Waterfall on Vermillion River

 Vermilion Falls

A ten-minute hike on a well-maintained trail takes you to Vermilion Falls, a cascading torrent of water forced through a 10 foot wide opening in the granite.

In addition to the awesome power of water on display at the falls, Vermillion Falls is a particularly special place to the Van Tassells, since this is where Adam asked Kasey to marry him! Vermillion Falls is located about 30 miles North of Orr.

Bear cub at Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary

Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary

The Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary is located less than 6 miles from Birch Forest Lodge. In 1938 Vince Shute owned and operated a logging company here in Orr Minnesota. And for more than 3 decades he shot dozens of bears who were drawn to his camp by the smells of food. In the early 1970s Vince grew tired of killing bears and began to wonder if there was a way to live in harmony with the wildlife that surrounded him. He claimed the bears weren’t mean, just hungry. So he began feeding black bears that came by his lumber camp. People soon heard about these bears that came everyday to eat and people visiting the area started visiting Vince’s camp to see bears. In 1995 with Vince’s health deteriorating, he donated his interest in the land the American Bear Association. Today visitors can still visit Vince’s home and see wild Black Bears who come to the preserve every evening to be fed.