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Fishing Guides

While fishing on Pelican Lake is fantastic and many people like the challenge of exploring and finding fishing spots, some prefer to come up and spend a day or two on the water with a guide showing them tricks to our lake. We have 3 guides we recommend, find out more about them below. Feel free to contact us directly to set up a day on the lake with a fishing guide.

Butch Furtman

Butch moved up to Pelican Lake about 7 years ago because he found himself traveling up here regularly to fish. He has been accepted into the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame and also hosts his own tv show on fishing. Butch uses his own boat and can take 2-3 people in the boat with him. He charges $400 a day for guiding. I had an opportunity to go out fishing with Butch last September and we enjoyed catching several 5 pound bass and Smallies. In our blog you can read about our day on the water.

Mike Galvin

Mike moved to Pelican Lake a couple of years ago to pursue a lifelong dream of being out on the water every day. Mike’s specialty is fishing for large Bluegill and Crappie. In the fall Mike enjoys fishing Walleye. Mike’s prices are $125 for 5 hours plus gas if you fish out of his boat. I’ve personally fished with Mike several times and always brought home fish to fillet!

Rick Mattson

Rick Mattson of Anglers Edge Guide Service has been fishing Pelican Lake for his entire life. Rick specializes in Bass fishing but also enjoys panfishing. Rick generally fishes out of his own boat and can take two people. Cost is $200 for 4 hours or $300 for 8 hours. Fish Filleting is an additional $50.