We’re always looking for that perfect family vacation to create memories that will last a lifetime. Water parks and theme parks might seem like good ideas at first, but they don’t always appeal to everyone in the family, can be expensive, and let’s admit it-they can be pretty crowded. If you’re looking for something where everyone can have fun and you won’t break the bank, vacation cabin rentals might be exactly what you need.

With a Minnesota lake cabin rental, you’ll get the benefits of the lake and plenty of activities, along with a private cabin for you and your family. Spend time with your family boating, fishing, exploring outside, and so much more.

Less Expensive

While the appeal of a water or theme park can be high for kids, it can be expensive. More than likely, a trip to Disney World will require plane tickets and a hotel stay. Plus, entrance fees to the parks, dining while you are there, and any souvenirs you might buy. On top of that, you’ll likely be waiting in long lines and staying at a crowded resort with hardly any downtime for peace and quiet.

With a cabin rental on the lake, you’ll be spending less money and getting more value. You won’t have to catch a plane there, saving money by driving, and depending on the size of your family, you can accommodate for more than just your immediate members. You’ll also be able to grocery shop and cook right in the kitchen, spending less money on dining out. Plus, with plenty of free activities, both kids and adults can find something they enjoy.  

The Great Outdoors

Without a doubt, there are so many things to do outside all year round. Whether you’re planning a summer or a fall vacation, a cabin is the perfect spot for you. Explore the outdoors by hiking to Vermilion Falls or visiting the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary. There are plenty of activities for all ages to enjoy that can also provide a fun, educational aspect.

Lake Life

With a cabin on the lake, you’ll be able to take advantage of a beautiful beach, boating, fishing and more. Rent one of our boats and head out on the water for some water skiing or fishing, then head beachside to curb the hunger with a campfire and s’mores.

Enjoy Beautiful Sunsets

With a spectacular view of the lake, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets throughout the year. Head to the playground with your kids or have a barbeque with family while you watch the sun create magnificent colors in the sky.

View the Aurora Borealis

The best time to view the Aurora Borealis is in the fall and winter. Not many people get to see this incredible, natural light show because of city lights or living too far south. Head north during the later months of the year to get the best views.

Peace and Quiet

When planning your vacation, hotels and big name resorts seem to be the go-to place to stay. They can be crowded, noisy, and overwhelming at times turning what you thought was going to be a peaceful vacation into a stressful one. With a private cabin, you will have plenty of peace and quiet.

A secluded cabin away from busy roads provides a serene atmosphere. You won’t be disturbed in the night by noisy hotels with thin walls. Plus, you’ll be able to get away from emails and social media with limited wifi and service, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation without those distractions.

With a rental cabin, you’ll also have plenty of space for everyone. You won’t feel crammed into a small room, but instead, have multiple rooms where you can even get away for a moment of time if necessary. Plus, with a kitchen, you’ll have space to create meals with your family.

Plan the Perfect Vacation with Birch Forest Lodge

Avoid all of those crowded theme parks and noisy hotels with a vacation cabin rental instead. With 12 newly renovated cabins to choose from, you are sure to find a cabin that fits all of your family’s needs. Birch Forest Lodge is a small family run resort open year-round that takes great pride in helping people have great vacations here in Northern Minnesota. Take your vacation outdoors and you’ll be sure to create lasting memories for the whole family.