We’ve had many people ask us why we aren’t opening the resort till May 20, and choosing to miss out on fishing opener. While we do plan on being open for fishing openers in future years, this year we had a pretty good reason to delay the lodge opening… We’d like to introduce the lodge’s newest crew member!

IMG_0331 (1)

While he may not be much help with mowing lawns, making beds or pumping gas yet, we expect big things from him in a few years! While we hope you will take time to stop in and meet Chase, here is a quick intro.

IMG_0328 (1)

We named him Chase and he was born early afternoon, last week on 4/26 in Ogden Utah. He weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 21 inches long. He is healthy and usually a pretty content little guy. Both he and his mom are doing well and recovering from the trauma of labor and delivery!


IMG_0360 (1)


Here is a picture of Brock and Ady meeting their new brother. They have taken very well to him. They seem convinced that he will be running around with them and the other kids, climbing on the playground, playing with the kayaks and fishing off the dock in no time. IMG_0349 (1)

Now that Chase has arrived, we are scrambling to shift gears from prepping for a baby to getting the resort ready. I am leaving Utah with the older two kids and driving up to the resort this weekend. Next week I will work on getting the water on to the cabins along with other spring chores. Kasey will fly to Duluth later next week with Chase. Then the following week we will have the new cleaning crew in for 3 long days of spring cleaning and plan on being ready for guests to arrive Friday May 20th. Thank you and we hope you get a chance this summer to meet our newest crew member!