Minnesota Fishing Resort

Ready to take your angling adventures to the next level? Then it’s time to explore Birch Forest Lodge—a full-service Minnesota fishing resort with boat rentals, fishing guides, and over 11,000 acres of water to explore and fish. Located on the shimmering waters of Pelican Lake, our resort offers all the tools you’ll need to enjoy an unforgettable fishing vacation right here in the Upper Midwest.


What kind of fish will you catch in Pelican Lake

Pelican Lake hosts a large variety of fish species across its expansive 11,000 acres, ranging from sizeable smallmouth bass to elusive walleye. A large portion of the lake is less than 15 feet deep and littered with islands, creating a thriving ecosystem for its waterbound wildlife. Here’s a quick overview of some of the fish you’ll find during your stay at Birch Forest Lodge:



Many say that Walleyes aren’t very common on Pelican Lake-but there are those who catch them regularly. Our average walleye is over 20 inches long and every summer we have a dozen fisherman who bring in a walleye 30 inches or longer to be weighed and measured. These freshwater fish are a great way to test your angling skills—we see them most commonly caught in late May, early June and September when the water is coolest. Be prepared to drift or troll for them.

walleye fishing MN


Smallmouth Bass

This species of freshwater fish thrives in the waters of Pelican Lake—drawn in by its rocky areas and sandy bottoms. You can find these game fish biting throughout the year, especially when the lake is calm and quiet. Smallmouth Bass are most often located around rock piles-fortunately for the bass, there are many of those on Pelican Lake. Both Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass are protected with a slot and all bass from 14-20 inches must be released at the boat on Pelican Lake. This protects the breeding size bass and makes it common for 3 to 4 pound bass to be caught.

small mouth bass fishing Minnesota

Largemouth Bass

These fish are even slightly more common and similar to smallmouth are fierce fighters, making them a perfect choice for catch-and-release anglers. There are many largemouth bass to challenge across Pelican Lake, commonly near big patches of weeds and other shallow cover. Great top water options in July and August!

large mouth bass fishing minnesota


Northern Pike

You’ll spot plenty of northern pike while angling Pelican Lake, particularly when the water is cooler. Many fishermen cast for this aggressive species from the shore—as larger pike prefer the shallow weeds during spawning season. 

northen pike fishing minnesota



Pelican Lake is well known for its panfish, ranging from tasty bluegill to delicious crappie. Many guests fish for panfish right off the resort’s dock—or by reefs near the lake’s many islands. 


Fishing Resort with Boat Rentals

As a full-service Upper Minnesota fishing resort, Birch Forest Lodge offers a wide range of boat rentals to support your angling journey. From sleek pleasure craft to deluxe fishing boats, there’s no shortage of high-quality craft to try as you conquer the waters of Pelican Lake. 

Embark on your fishing adventure with a 16’ Crestliner Fish Hawk—an upgraded deluxe fishing boat with console steering, a depth finder, rod locker and more. Or traverse the waters with the 20’ Manitou Pontoon—our most popular boat rental for fishers and families alike. No matter how you prefer to cruise, Birch Forest Lodge has the right craft for you.

Minnesota fishing boat rentals

Of course, we also have a range of free non-motorized boats for your fishing party to use on the reef out in front of the resort. Go ahead, try fishing from a canoe or kayak. You can explore the waters of Pelican Lake at any speed with our canoes, kayaks, or even paddle boats. These non-motorized crafts are completely free to rent for all Birch Forest Lodge guests. 


Fishing guide services and expertise 

At Birch Forest Lodge, we’re committed to making your fishing vacation with us as safe, simple and exciting as possible. That’s why we provide a host of services and resources to support your angling excursions, including seasoned fishing guides. Our guides have been helping guests find the best fishing spots on Pelican Lake for years—making them the perfect source of advice for fellow fishers. 

Minnesota fishing guide

The fishing guides at Birch Forest Lodge are friendly, approachable and eager to make your fishing vacation in Orr, MN the best that it can be. Count on them for useful tips on the best fishing techniques, baits and casting spots our lake has to offer. Here’s a summary of what our practiced fishing guides can bring to your angling experience:

Fishing Insights & Advice

The guides at Birch Forest Lodge have spent years catching all different kinds of fish across Pelican Lake. So if you’re looking for a crash course on how to fish the area, connecting with one of these fishing experts is the perfect place to start. They can give you detailed info on where to cast out for the fish you’re looking for—and the best strategies for a successful catch. 

Whether you’re after smallmouth bass in the summer or walleyes in the spring, our fishing guides can connect you with info on the best fishing spots, baits and angling techniques for your needs. Our guides are happy to share their knowledge with fellow fishers, no matter your level of experience, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice! There is no better investment you can make for your future summers of fishing on Pelican Lake than hiring a guide this year!

Simplicity & Experience

Exploring a new lake isn’t always easy. If you can’t find the right holes to fish or bait your fishing vacation can end on a sour note. That’s where Birch Forest Lodge fishing guides can help. These expert fishermen make it their responsibility to give you the best experience possible during your stay, taking all the stress out of your fishing sessions.

The know-how our guides deliver is a huge plus for novice anglers—as well as families with young or new fishers. Your guide can help the members of your party select rods and reels, apply bait to their hook, and learn how to cast out and reel in correctly. They can also help out with pulling in fish who fight back, so you won’t have to worry about losing the perfect catch.

Not sure if you’re casting out the right way? No problem; just ask your guide about it. Have questions on how to clean your fish after a great day on the lake? Your guide has you covered. From fishing fundamentals to advanced techniques, your fishing guide at Birch Forest Lodge will do everything they can to support your group—and ensure you enjoy a fun and productive fishing experience. 

For those who aren’t interested in hiring a local fishing guide, sit down and talk with Adam. He is always willing to look over a map and highlight some spots, talk about lures, colors or just hear your fishing story!


Fish Cleaning Facilities

As one of the premier fishing resorts in northern MN, Birch Forest Lodge provides an on-site fish cleaning station. There’s nothing more rewarding than tasting a fresh fish you caught yourself! And while cleaning a fish might look challenging at first glance, it’s actually pretty easy. Here’s a quick guide on how to clean a fish in case if you’ve never tried before. You can also connect with us for advice on how to safely and quickly clean fish; we’re always happy to help a fellow angler. 

Minnesota fishing resort


Special Fishing Packages

Birch Forest Lodge provides a great Minnesota fishing resort package for visitors in the fall. Our Fall Fishing Special takes place from September 2nd through September 30th, at a rate of just $59 per night per person. This deal is available for all of our beautiful, well-kept cabins—and works perfectly for large parties of people. Come enjoy the amazing fishing at Birch Forest Lodge this September! You’ll be glad you did. 

We offer other fantastic packages on our cabins throughout the year, including discounted cabin and boat packages for the May Fishing Opener. Come check out our full list of fishing resort packages and specials for details on these packages and other deals!