People always ask me what time of year is best to visit Minnesota. My usual response is it depends on what you want to do. However, if someone asks me what is my favorite month in Minnesota I would have to say September. Generally speaking the weather is pretty decent in September, the bugs are pretty much gone, the fishing is picking up as the water cools, the trees change color and the earlier evenings bring more opportunities to see the Northern Lights. I love September in the Northwoods. Everywhere we drove we enjoyed seeing the reds and yellows on the trees. Around Orr we are extra fortunate because we have the Tamarack Pine. The Tamarack is the only pine tree to change color. They turn a golden color in the fall and then lose their needles. The golden Tamarack’s mixed with the yellow Birch trees and red Maples are a sight you won’t soon forget.


Not only are the colors beautiful in the fall, but the fishing is great. Often in August the fishing slows down as the water temperature rises. But when September rolls around the nighttime temperatures drop significantly and the lakes begin to cool off. Once the lake turns the fishing usually picks back up. Pelican Lake is especially known for fantastic Crappie fishing in September.


Along with the excellent Crappie fishing, the Northern Pike become more active again in September. If you are looking for a fighting fish Pike can be loads of fun to catch. And if you know how to take out the Y bone, the smaller ones are great eating as well.


With the cooler nights it is often fun to sit around a campfire watching the stars come out. And if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. This September we enjoyed the Northern lights 9 different nights! If you’ve ever wanted to see the Aurora Borealis, September is far more likely than June, July or August. Particularly around the equinox your odds of seeing the sky light up at nights is pretty good.


If you do decide you’d like to come up in the fall some time and enjoy one of our lakeside cabin rentals, keep in mind we only require a 3 night stay in September and the cabins are each discounted during the fall season.