1804, 2017

Open Water on Pelican Lake

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After more than 4 months of looking out the window each day and seeing ice, we finally have open water on Pelican Lake! No matter how many times you see the ice come off a [...]

2503, 2017

Minnesota Fishing Opener

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Today is 7 weeks till the 2017 Minnesota Fishing Opener! Many of you like me have probably tried to fill the fishing void with a day or two on the ice peering down a hole [...]

2102, 2017

Favorite Summer Activities at Birch Forest Lodge

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The days are getting longer, and that means that Summer in the Northwoods will be here soon (relatively speaking). I love summertime and this got me thinking. What are my favorite things about summer at [...]

201, 2017

2016 Fishing Contest Results and 2017 Contest

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First: Our 2016 fishing contest ended yesterday and we'd like to take a moment and announce the winners. First and second place were awarded to the photos sent to us that garnered the most "likes" [...]

2709, 2016

Go hiking for a day

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Often people ask us about hiking in the area. And while our response is that there aren't many good hiking options right by us,we do have a couple of very good hikes relatively close. I [...]

2208, 2016

Northern Lights in Minnesota

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People come from all over the world to visit Birch Forest Lodge for a variety of reasons. Fishing, getting together with family and friends, visiting the bears at the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary, and sitting [...]

3107, 2016

Sunsets at Birch Forest Lodge

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One of the things we love most about Birch Forest Lodge is the sunsets. And if you have ever been here I'm sure you would agree. Not only do we enjoy really clean air and [...]

507, 2016

Spring Fishing

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Ahhh, the joys of spring-the ice recedes from the lakes, trees being to leaf, everything slowly turns green, and little baby animals are seen-and of course fishing season! And what better fishing is there than [...]

305, 2016

Lodge’s Newest Crew Member

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We've had many people ask us why we aren't opening the resort till May 20, and choosing to miss out on fishing opener. While we do plan on being open for fishing openers in future [...]

1904, 2016

Best Family Vacation in Minnesota

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We received an email a few days ago informing us that Birch Forest Lodge was chosen as one of the top  25 places for a family vacation in the State of Minnesota! This got us [...]

3003, 2016

Unique Apparel at Birch Forest Lodge

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As we've probably mentioned before, we spend all winter preparing for summer. One of our biggest projects is producing unique apparel. We take great pride in making sure our guests have great options for a [...]

403, 2016

Fishing Contest

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We believe that Pelican Lake is a great lake for fishing. And we think that of all the resorts in Orr Minnesota, Birch Forest is the best place to stay. So naturally we think Birch [...]

1602, 2016

Family Resort

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When we first took over Birch Forest Lodge we asked ourselves what we could do to show people why the lodge is the best place to stay in Orr Minnesota. We decided we needed an [...]

2601, 2016

Preparing for Summer

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We love summer. But we know winter has a place in the grand scheme of things. Nature needs a chance to take a breath and recover a little. So do we. We use winter to [...]

401, 2016

A New Holiday Tradition at Birch Forest Lodge

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We love the holidays. And our family has a very special holiday tradition that we'd like to invite you to join in with us. All year long we collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald [...]

1312, 2015

Berry Picking makes a sweet summer season

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One of our favorite things about summer is berry picking. We love going out as a family and picking raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. It used to be that we had favorite places to go to [...]

211, 2015

Fishing Ideas for Warm Summer Days

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Most fisherman would agree that fishing a large body of water can be challenging during the warmest days of summer. And most of us would say that is because fish don’t like the warmer surface [...]

1410, 2015

September in Northern Minnesota

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People always ask me what time of year is best to visit Minnesota. My usual response is it depends on what you want to do. However, if someone asks me what is my favorite month [...]

510, 2015

Closed for 2015

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Well, the 2015 season at Birch Forest Lodge is officially in the books. Sadly enough we are now closed till May of 2016. These summers go by so fast. And whereas we only arrived in July, [...]

2509, 2015

Brand New Website!

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Buying a lodge is a unique, challenging process. Before you actually buy anything you spend days, weeks and sometimes even years dreaming of what this lodge will look like. You scour the internet looking for something [...]